Custom CSS Themes for Zingtree

Recently made a set of new custom CSS themes for Zingtree Decision Trees for Support, that were integrated into the system and got featured in this blog post. One of my themes became default panels style. I already know Zingtree system very well, made some very custom project implementations using provided Zingtree functionality.

Zingtree Custom Theme

Custom Themes

Custom themes are easy to build now, starting from one of provided CSS templates from the gallery. Buttons layout was done with flex box to make it more compatible with different button sizes, different content and layouts. I thought that default Bootstrap’s layout had less compatibility.

The themes were ordered after I’ve made a custom theme for Duda Zendesk Help Portal. Zingtree trees revamp and integration were part of the task.

Hope new themes are easier to maintain and to customize further. Write me for help / issues with your custom themes.


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