Frequent Questions and Answers

Most frequently asked questions

Asking for a Quote: Required Information

What information should be supplied to order a site from a web design company?

You must enlist all required languages of a future site, its purpose, target audience, goals, deadlines, special features you want on-site, preferred CMS, if any, etc. The more information you provide – the better quote you will receive. This is very important; quotes cannot be done right without such information. Additionally, it is a good idea to attach a simple site plan. This way your site functionality becomes more evident and could be estimated better.

What languages could be implemented on-site?

I’m fluent in English, Hebrew, Russian, and Ukrainian languages. We have many friends worldwide, so some languages, like Italian, Arabic, Romanian, Dutch, German, and French, could also be processed.

Could you do a custom design theme for some hosted solution / CMS?

If there is a possibility for at least some custom CSS we could work on a custom theme/template. If modifying HTML templates is possible too – even better. Some hosted solutions don’t give many opportunities for their modifications, others give more space for creativity. Read how I recently customized Zingtree and Zendesk themes for my clients.

What is a responsive and mobile-optimized website?

In short, it’s a website that would fit any screen. Read more from my article.

How to choose software for an online shop?

You may consult with us, or read this article for in-depth insight.

Hosting Settings Info

What are your DNS (Name) servers to register my domain?

When you order a domain somewhere and want to host it with us, please use the following DNS. Search for name servers / DNS settings and put these two.

When you are buying domains from domain names provider, such DNS are already set there by default. Do not hesitate to contact us for help.

I want to create a sub-domain for my domain, i.e. Can it be done?

Yes. Do it at your hosting account control panel. Click on the Subdomains icon.

Provided email boxes setup

We provide email boxes under your domain name. We recommend downloading your mail into your mail client with the POP3 setup. Please don’t leave mail on the server or your mailbox will hit the quote limit sooner or later. If you set the “delete mail on server after some period of time” checkbox in Outlook, it will not help, it will not work as supposed. So please don’t leave your mail on the server. You can still set up an IMAP box on your phone. You will see all new messages not yet downloaded by your mail client’s program.
If you absolutely need to save all your mail online we could help to set up your account with your domain name email alias on Gmail. You can send and receive mail via Gmail using your website’s email address.

Website Recommended Setting

Recommended WordPress Caching and Minification Plugins

For small to medium size websites I’d recommend using Autoptimize and/or WP Optimize plugins. I’ve seen the best results for this combination while checking Google PageSpeed Insights. For larger websites, you may want to try W3 Total Cache robust plugin. It can utilize object cache options too. But the first combination is a much more user-friendly option.

Use Gutenberg Editor for WordPress 5+ New Websites

Gutenberg editor was released with WordPress 5 and it’s much lighter than other visual content builder plugins. While still very fresh and not really suitable for out-of-the-box editing needs, we can make it usable by adding more custom blocks and styles to defaults. Read more in the article on how it can be extended.

Search Engines Optimization (SEO) and Accessibility

What is an SEO-ready website?

“SEO-ready” site is planned and made from the start with search engine optimization in mind. As you can imagine, when things are properly planned from the very beginning, results are bound to be better. Such an approach often eliminates any additional costs, i.e. hiring SEO specialists and making necessary updates, for later SEO site changes on launched online products. It also ensures a proper “white hat” ethical approach to search engine guidelines – fewer chances to be banned from search results.

Will site speed optimization improve the site’s rank on Google?

Google’s PageSpeed Insights test score is an important ranking factor for Google. So it’s advised to work on the website’s speed improvements. Usually, all our projects are optimized for the PageSpeed Insights test. General optimization includes caching engine setup, browser cache setup, gzipping, code minimization, and script loading optimization. Default automatic and manual image optimization is very important too. Recently we started to implement “above the fold” CSS optimization as well. After such procedures, all new projects achieve high Google Page Speed rates (green or orange zone, i.e. this site receives an 85/95 score).

Should I protect all pages of my site with SSL / HTTPS Connection

You don’t need to protect all your pages with SSL. But since the newest versions of popular browsers started to issue “Not Secure” notices in their URL Address fields on pages with login and password fields, you may want to have these pages secured.
This question is listed under the SEO section of the FAQ because it became a ranking factor for Google. The impact on rank is relatively small, but may still be important to you. The site could become a little bit slower (which is also an important ranking factor) under SSL. And switching the existing HTTP website to HTTPS requires some work. The process is described in brief in the following article.

Do I need Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for my site?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are featured in Google’s top stories and carousels for mobile users. Google promised to have higher ranks of sites having such pages. So if you run a News site for sure you should have them enabled. For other kinds of websites, they are a nice to have addition. You may also learn to insert them into WordPress by yourself. But looks like Google has already deprecated it and it is not ranking AMP pages higher anymore.

Accessibility and Accessibility Law Compliance

Many people ask about accessibility compliance and are adding some crazy plugins to ensure their site is compatible with i.e. Israeli law. It may be easier than you think, but you must follow some rules in the website planning, structure, and content on pages. For Israeli law compliance, you may check my article on how to comply. In short, most WordPress websites will have a very high score if you follow the rules.