Zendesk Help Center Custom Theme Completed

Zendesk Help Center used by many important companies as customer support and customer service solution can have a specially designed customized theme. Such a theme could be responsive and there is an option to customize HTML/CSS code in many aspects for all page templates used. Zendesk templates could also be multilingual when dynamic content tags are used. So many good companies are developing their own responsive themes to stand out from the crowd.

Making Zendesk templates was a new task for me. During the project I’ve learned many things about creating a custom theme, such as available template tags and templating language, API possibilities, multi-language setup, some JavaScript and jQuery tweaks for templates.  It wasn’t easy, as not many developers know how to make such themes and even less people are ready to share their knowledge. But at the end we’ve made what was required by design in full. Even made them to support multiple languages. Learned a lot of things about Zendesk templating engine during this project. And some important technical points are shared in my development blog. Now I could do next Zendesk responsive themes with ease and comfort.

Custom Responsive Zendesk Theme Ready and I’ve Learned a Lot.

As usual for my custom themes, this theme was made responsive, retina display ready with svg images and was checked in all available browsers. So if you need a custom responsive multilingual theme development for your company’s help center portal please contact me and I’ll be ready to help. Need to practice before I forget how it works there 🙂

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