Frequent Questions and Answers

Most frequently asked questions.

Asking for a Quote: Required Information

What information should be supplied to order a site from web design company?

You must enlist all required languages of a future site, its purpose, its target audience, your goals, deadlines, all special features you want on site, preferred CMS, if any, etc. The more information you provide – the better quote you will receive. This is very important; quotes cannot be done right without such information.
Additionally it is a good idea to attach a simple site plan. This way your site functionality becomes more clear and could be estimated better.

Which languages could be implemented on site?

I’m fluent with English, Hebrew, Russian, Ukrainian languages. We have many friends all over the world, so some languages, like Italian, Arabic, Romanian, Dutch, German, French could be processed too.

Could you do a custom design theme to some hosted solution / CMS?

If there is a possibility for at least some custom CSS we could work on a custom theme / template. If modifying HTML templates is possible too – even better. Some hosted solutions don’t give much opportunities to their modifications, others give more space for creativity. Read how I recently customized Zingtree and Zendesk themes for my clients.

What is responsive and mobile-optimized website?

In short, it’s a website that would fit any screen. Read more from my article.

How to choose software for an online shop?

You may consult with us, or read this article for in-depth insight.

Hosting Settings Info

What are your DNS (Name) servers to register my domain?

When you order domain somewhere and want to host it with us, please use the following DNS. Search for name servers / DNS settings and put these two.


When you are buying domains from domain names provider, such DNS are already set there by default. Do not hesitate to contact us for help.

I want to create sub-domain for my domain, i.e. Can it be done?

Yes. Do it at your hosting account control panel. Click on Subdomains icon.

Search Engines Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO-ready site?

“SEO-ready” site is planned and made from the start with search engines optimization in mind. As you can imagine, when things are properly planned from the very beginning, results are bound to be better. Such approach often eliminates any additional costs, i.e. of hiring SEO specialists and making necessary updates, for later SEO site changes on launched online product. It is also ensures proper “white hat” ethical approach to search engine guidelines – less chances to be banned from search results.

Do I need Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for my site?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are featured at Google top stories and carousels for mobile users. Google promises to higher ranks of sites having such pages. So if you run a News site for sure you should have them enabled. For other kinds of websites they are a nice to have addition. AMP currently works of Post type only, if you are using WordPress. Read more on AMP pages and see my example of AMP page. You may also learn to insert them into WordPress by yourself.